How to make difference in your child

Research-based Curriculum

Every day, various branches of research throw up insights on child and adult learning. The unique quality about our curriculum is that the latest relevant research is synthesized into it and its various manifestations into the learning process. This helps make our curriculum highly engaging and relevant while following the guidelines of the respective boards. The highlights of our curriculum are encapsulated in the 'what' and the 'how'.

'What' refers to the explicit and implicit content. Explicit content is what people see, hear, and the books they read. Implicit content teaches students a variety of skills and helps them develop a level of awareness. For example, in class when children study about world leaders, they not only learn history but also understand the qualities that are required in leaders. They are made to introspect and emulate the qualities of a leaders.
'How' refers to the various methodologies used to engage all the senses of our students. We adopt within the curriculum varied research on evolving a high level of learning effectiveness. What you will find in this section are the three theories upon which we base these methodologies.

Curriculum overview

Our Literary Program is an integration of activities, stories, etc... It extends into all our activities - reading, music, crafts, science, dramatics, felt board stories. Children will be exposed to books everyday at appropriate levels depending upon their age and readiness.

Guiding Life Skills is an important part of the curriculum, such as responsibility, self-control, self-reliance, self- discipline, concern for community, and empathy. This also will be done at appropriate level depending on the readiness of your child.

Science and Math Skills including shapes, counting, graphing and one to one interaction, sequencing, comparatives, and all basic science concepts

Frequent Field Trips extend learning beyond the classroom.

Individualized Portfolios keep you informed of your child's projects and progress.

We believe that Family Involvement is crucial in child's education that requires a partnership between parents and teachers. We keep you informed with newsletters, ERP Application,Video cam facility,tracking sheets, workshops, and conferences. We welcome your participation in our annual Science Fair, Grandparents Tea and Pancake Breakfast, Reading Buddies, and as well as our field trips.

Our vision

'Kangaroo Kids is an innovative, vibrant, creative and energetic organization where each one of us strives through our practice to wholeheartedly serve children and make every learning moment a joyful, effective and meaningful one.'

Our mission

Our aim is to create schools and learning environments that exist and operate programmes for all individual learners allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

Our curriculum

The most important difference of Kangaroo Kids lies in the theoretical underpinnings of the way we help children learn as opposed to teaching them. Implementation of our curriculum is the most crucial function of each and every Kangaroo Kids institution.


Daily Activities

The daily schedules of the students comprise a mix of academics and extracurricular activities. The idea is to continually engage the students' attention with a variety of different activities.

Sports and Performing Activities:

Kangaroo Kids offers a mix of various sports and performing activities such as:

1. Speech & drama
2. Gymnastics
3. Roller skating
4. Dance
5. Band
6. Jazz

Field Trips:

Field TripThese are based on the thematic volume being taught in every grade. This helps the children to take their learning beyond the classroom and observe its application in the real world.

Culminating Activities:

At the end of every academic volume, children showcase their learning through culminating activities. Parents are invited to view these programmes and gauge their child's progress.