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We are looking for qualified, experienced School teachers.



The background of the right candidate for a preschool teaching position will have to be in the fields of psychology, childhood development, school teacher education, classroom management, and curriculum.


Successful teacher requires extraordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity, and, above all, a love for early childhood education. A teacher must understand the needs of both the children and their parents. As the link between home and school, communicating effectively with parents is crucial in developing a good relationship with the children and helping them grow. Since children develop and learn at very different pace, it's important to be extremely patient with those who are having difficulty. A good teacher creates an encouraging atmosphere to catch up with others.

Classroom Management

Managing a classroom full of young children can be very challenging. You want to be their friend but also want them to treat you as mentor and guide like their parents. A successful preschool teacher is able to control a classroom while always keeping education fun. Organization is extremely important.Successful teacher will create an environment where children get educated while playing.


A successful Kangaroo Kids preschool teacher believes in what they are doing. They should care tremendously about the progress and well-being of each and every child in the classroom. Teaching preschool can be tiring, but it is also incredibly interesting and rewarding in the end. A bad experience in preschool can really affect child's education, therefore the teachers are expected to do their best to encourage and foster their learning.